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How to Use the Course Web

This handout is also available in PDF.

For a number of reasons, I have chosen to make many of the handouts for this course available only in electronic format on the World Wide Web. I will not go over basic use of the Web, since you should know about it from other courses. You should make sure to ask me if you have any questions about using the World Wide Web.

The course web can be found at You may want to bookmark that page.

A number of important pieces of information are in the course web, including assignments, readings, requirements, syllabus, and office hours. I assume that if I put information on the Web, you will (eventually) read it.

At the top and bottom of every page are a series of links to important components of the course web. They are broken into a variety of sections whose purpose should be obvious.

Primary Links

Current Links

Here you will find links to materials for the current or next class. Due to issues in the way Firefox caches pages, you may sometimes need to reload the page to get the appropriate version. I try to have the links for a particular class available at least twelve hours before class and at least one hour after class. Because I sometimes fail to make my own deadlines, you may want to compare what you see with what the syllabus says.

Note that you can often find the current version of any part of the course by using a page name of current.html in the appropriate course subsite. (If that computer-ese made no sense to you, ignore it.)



Here you will find links to some additional references.

Related Courses

Here you will find links to similar courses at Grinnell, including the other section from this semester, the last version of the course I taught prior to this, and such.


Here you will find other useful links.

Disclaimer: I usually create these pages on the fly, which means that I rarely proofread them and they may contain bad grammar and incorrect details. It also means that I tend to update them regularly (see the history for more details). Feel free to contact me with any suggestions for changes.

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