Team Soft. Dev. for Comm. Org. (CSC 322 2015F) : Handouts

Frequently (and not-so-frequently) Asked Questions

These are my attempts to answer some questions that students have asked. (in the first assignment, in office hours, via email, etc.)

Note that there may be some repetition on this page.

About the Site

The daily eboards look much nicer than what you type in class. How do I see what you type in class?

Replace the .html at the end with .md.

What technology do you use to build the course web?

I use two markup languages. For many of the pages (e.g., readings, labs) I use a form of XML called Docbook. But Docbook is wordy, so for other pages (e.g., the daily outlines and eboards), I use Markdown. I also have a bunch of scripts to help with all of this. You can find the scripts and source code on GitHub.

Parts of the site don't seem quite as robust as your normal course webs. What's up with that?

Although I worked on the course over the summer, I'm dealing with both three new classes (and a revision of CSC 151) and administrative responsibilities. Expect the site to evolve over time.

About the Course

About the Projects

I hear that one project was completed last spring. What are the implications?

Yes, the Food Bank project was completed in Spring 2015. Members of that team will be working with MICA to roll it out this fall. I take it as a good sign that we can get a project out in a year.

MICA has suggested a new project to replace the Food Bank and we'll be starting it that semester.

About the Professor

About Other Things

Do we have to use Github for our code?


Do we have to release our code under an open-source license?

Yes. The tradition within the Rails community seems to be the MIT License.