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CSC151 2010S, Class 02: Course Planning



About the course (revisited)




Optional (but good)

About the alums

Ian Lunderskov '08 [Sept 12]

Sam Tape '09 [Sept. 19]

Jordan Shkolnick '11 (uncomfirmed) [Sept. 26]

Tony Stubblebine '00 [Oct. 10]

Eryn O'Neill '07 [Oct. 17]

Jim Finnessey '04 [Oct. 31]

Shitanshu Aggarwal '11 [Nov. 7]

Atul Gupta '88 [Nov. 14]

Heather Whisenhunt '08 [Nov. 21]

Erik Hanson '98 (unconfirmed) [Dec. 5]

Maybe one more [Dec. 12]

A strategy for hosting alums

Help for the hosts: What do you want out of this course (from the alums)?

Other course details

Resume review

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