Learning from Alumni (CSC 281 2016F) : Outlines

Outline 02: Terrian Koscik '12

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We hear from Terian Koscik '12.

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Biographical Sketch

Terian Koscik is a Ruby on Rails web developer at Kongregate, a web and mobile games company in Portland, OR. She leads Django Girls PDX, an organization that hosts free workshops for women who want to learn how to program. She has published comics about anxiety and video games. At Grinnell, she majored in Computer Science, played flute in the Grinnell Symphony Orchestra, and tutored in the CS lab.

Talk: Growing as a Programmer

It's about how making small projects can help you grow as a programmer, and that you don't need to meet anyone else's expectations of what constitutes a meaningful project. The examples I give are of a couple Twitter bots I've made, one about butts and one about tacos, that taught me concepts like natural language processing and authentication.

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