You’d think the syllabus and schedule would provide all the info you need for a course, wouldn’t you? But I’ve found over the years that it can be helpful to provide additional information. To ensure that you read the information, I even give you an assignment. What else is there? Let’s see.

Teaching, grading, and such

On teaching and learning
A bit of philosophy (more or less).
More details on grading processes (and a bit on the underlying philosophy).
A few notes on the grading platform we’re using.

Other important issues

Accommodations and adjustments
Policies and practices (and why I use two terms)
Accessibility of Web pages
Why I try to keep pages accessible and who to report to when they’re not.
Academic integrity
A long document that attempts to explain key issues of academic integrity in this course and in the discipline.
Tips on working more productively
Some tips from students, mentors, and instructors.

Secondary topics

Some thoughts on electronic mail
This page provides some details about how to best use electronic mail when dealing with me.
An old FAQ
I’m not sure when this is from. I’ve kept it around for some reason. I made a few changes for this term, but not enough. I may make more.

Some Scheme Stuff

The Zen of Booleans
Expressing some Boolean expressions more concisely.
SamR’s Style Guide for Racket
Opinions and expectations on what your code should look like.
Some tips and tricks for DrRacket
Just what it says; a selection of tips for DrRacket.
Tracing alphabetically-first
An exploration of some definitions of a recursive procedure.

Previous versions of the course

These also aren’t strictly handouts, but I didn’t have another place for them. The list is incomplete.

CSC 151-01 2021 Fall (Rebelsky)
Last semester’s offering of the course.
CSC 151 2019 Spring (Rebelsky)
The first offering of this version of the CSC 151 course