Functional Problem Solving (CSC 151 2016S) : Outlines

Outline 55: Recap

Held: Wednesday, 11 May 2016

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We recap what we've learned (or might have learned) across the semester.

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Upcoming Work:

Extra Credit

Academic / Artistic


Regular Peer


The Subject Matter(s) of the Course

I consider it important to end the semester with an overview of the primary learning goals and outcomes of the course, which we often call "the subject matter of the course." I think of CSC 151 as having a broad range of subject matters. Here's the high-level overview.

Additional Details

With your partner, come up with three or so issues for each category. I've started with an example or two of each.

Problem Solving

Computer Science: Algorithms and Data Structures


Program and Software Design

General Thinking Skills

And Beyond

Looking Beyond the Course

Where do you go from here?