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Class 4: Deploying Rails applications

Held: Monday, 30 January 2017



  • A brief introduction to regular expressions
  • Wrap up Hartl 1
  • Start Hartl 2


News / Etc.

  • Reflections should generally be submitted by 9pm on Sunday night so that I can read them before class.
  • In general, I’ll have you start on the Hartl on your own and we’ll work on finishing it up during class.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! (From me, from your classmates, from Adam, from the Interweb.)

Upcoming work

Good things to do

Nope, no extra credit.

  • CS table, Tuesday: Planning for the semester.
  • Women-in-CS, Tuesday, 7pm: Discussion of Hidden Figures.
  • Teach-in on executive order, Wednesday at 7pm.
  • CS extras, Thursday: LaTeX.

Regular expressions

  • Invented as a way to describe strings.
  • Popular for all sorts of applications.
  • Way too many variants of the syntax (and capabilities)
  • Basic concepts:
    • Exact matches
    • Sets
    • Special symbols
    • Kleene *
    • Alternation
    • Parenthesization
  • We will generally play with things using /PATTERN/.match(STRING)

Setting up your first Rails apps

  • You will finish up Hartl chapter 1 and start Hartl chapter 2.
  • As a good CS student, you should go beyond the particular instructions at times and try variants. How do names come into play?