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Class 2: Getting started with Ruby

Held: Wednesday, 25 January 2017

We start to investigate some issues in Ruby.



News / Etc.

  • We now have a schedule in place. The rest of the syllabus should be there tonight.
  • I lied. Most students last year said they took 4-5 hours for the Ruby tutorial. That means I’ve used about half of your homework time for this week (assuming that you got through everything).


A Quick Overview of Ruby

  • Modern programming language.
  • “One” designer.
  • Imperative, functional, and OOP characteristics.
  • Good at “Get the job done quickly.”


What’s something familiar?

What’s something new and exciting you’ve discovered about Ruby?

How does Ruby handle a programmer’s need for multiple inheritance?

What is something particularly confusing or puzzling in the reading?

Some Ruby Problems

Write sums_to_n?(vals,val) that returns true if any pair of values from vals sums to val.

Write multiple_of_4?(bitstring) that takes a string of 0’s and 1’s (representing an unsigned integer) as input and returns true if the string represents an integer divisible by four.

Write starts_with_consonant?(str) that determines if a string starts with a consonant.