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CSC 321.01, Class 10: Extending your Rails application (1)


  • Preliminaries
    • Notes and news
    • Upcoming work
    • Questions
  • Accessibility
  • Important Web technologies and their roles
  • Lab time

News / Etc.

  • Food!
  • Warning! Friday the 13th falls on a Monday this month.
  • I’m working on getting some grading done. Soon!

Upcoming work

  • Hartl, Chapter 6 due Wednesday. (Do as much as you can within your time box.)
  • Reading Journal due Wednesday.

Good things to do

Nope, no extra credit.

  • CS Table, Tuesday, 14 Feb 2017, noon: Slots, Whales, Etc.
  • Thursday extras, Thursday, 16 Feb 2017, 4:15 p.m., Science 3821: 4-1 Program with UIowa.
  • Senior day for basketball on Saturday.
  • Swimming and diving this weekend.
  • Orchestra Saturday.



  • Responsibility to make our sites accessible to people who do not have the same abilities or resources as we do.
    • Limited vision
    • Limited mobility
    • Different languge skills
  • As an institution of higher education, we have a legal responsibility to make our sites accessible.
  • We also have a moral responsibility to make educational materials accessible.
  • Three minutes to chat or Web search or both.
  • Note: Lots of people in FOSS communities talk about a11y and i18n. (accessibility and internationalization)
  • Note: Sam left out other issues, some of which may be applicable to our projects.
    • Limited Internet access (or technology access)
    • Limited technical skills
  • Caption videos. (Manually!)
    • Narrate/describe videos.
  • Use multiple languages / let the user choose.
    • Make it easy to choose / set.
  • Make sure that colors contrast, both for the color blind and those with less good eyesight.
    • There are tools that let you check your Website as viewed by those with different color vision.
  • Think about physical setup.
  • Google says to use the Bootstrap accessibility plugin
  • How do you support the illiterate?
    • Explanatory images
    • Ask them to have screen readers (how do you support them?)
  • Design of screen readers.
  • Clear text for “click here”. E.g., “Our help page”
    • And think about when you might be repeated text.
  • Provide good alt text for all of your images.
  • Low requirements. Don’t expect them to have good graphics cards to load your site.
  • Try to limit what is downloaded.
    • There’s a reason we use uglify.
  • Use sensible markup that we hope that screen readers can support.
  • Add “skip to text” if you have a large nav section.
  • Use a toolkit like Bootstrap will make sure that you work on a wide range of browsers.

Important Web technologies and their roles

  • HTML/HTML5 - Describes the content of pages.
  • Markdown - Simplified Markup.
  • CSS - Describe the appearance of pages.
  • Javascript - Add interactivity to Web pages.
  • JSON and XML - Common data formats.
  • HTTP - The protocol used to send information back and forth.
  • erb and haml - Extended markup languages that let you put Ruby in the middle of the page.
  • DOM - Document object model: How we typically represent a Web page within a Javascript program.
  • Plugins like Adobe Flash and Oracle Java.
    • Do people really still use Flash? Yes. Large numbers of Amazon apps, as well as many other things.

Lab time

Work on Hartl 5 or Hartl 6 or both.