MediaScripting@SIGCSE2009: Front Door

Front Door

Welcome to the Web home of Media Scripting: Media Computation in Context, a workshop to be held at SIGCSE 2009.

When: Friday, 6 March 2009
Where: Ballroom F

After the workshop, you will find a variety of resources for the workshop on this page, including software, handouts, and links.

For now, if you'd like, you can browse the draft agenda or the the revised agenda; read the instructions for setting up; or visit a course that uses the Media Scripting approach.

Blurb: Media computation in CS1 has proven successful in attracting and retaining many kinds of students, in contexts from community colleges to research universities. In this workshop, participants will explore MediaScripting - media computation through scripts (in Scheme or Python) within open-source image editing programs (GIMP and InkScape). Students create and edit images both by hand and with scripts, quickly learning that scripting can automate repetitious tasks and provide results that are difficult to achieve otherwise. The MediaScripting approach can fill many roles, from a full CS1 to a week-long module in a more traditional CS1, or an applications or digital art course. Intended audience: We expect this workshop will be appropriate for a wide variety of people, including experienced media computation teachers who want to explore a new approach, college and high school instructors who wish to learn more about the media computing approach, and introductory CS teachers who would like to incorporate a shorter media computing module. Laptop Required: Participants will need a laptop (Linux, Mac/Intel, or Windows) to experiment with scripting. Pairs of participants may also share laptops.

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