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Important Unix Commands

Give the name of the present working direcotry
List all the files and directories in the present working directory.
ls directory
List all the files and directories in the specified directory.
less file
Look at the contents of a file. The space bar pages down, the b key pages up, and the q key quits. The slash key lets you search for a particular sequence of characters.
cd directory
Change the working directory to the specified directory. For subdirectories, you need only give the name of the subdirectory and not the full path.
cd ..
Change the working directory to the directory "above" the current directory.
mkdir directory
Create a new directory.
chmod options file
Set permissions on a file.
chmod a+r file
Make a file readable by everyone (all add read).
chmod go-r file
Make a file unreadable by others (group/other subtract read).
chmod a+x directory
Allow others to access files in the specified directory, provided those files are readable.
chmod a+r directory
Allow others to see what files are in the specified directory.
cp filename newfilename
Make a copy of the named file.
cp filename directory
Make a copy of the named file in the specified directory.
mv filename newfilename
Rename the file.
mv filename directory
Move the named file to the specified directory.
man command
Get information on the specified command.

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