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Class 12: Tools: Project Management with Make

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Held: Thursday, March 4, 2010

Summary: While our primary focus today is supposedly make, we will consider a wide variety of topics.

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Hands on Make

Part one: Building a simple C program

Part two: Making a library

Ideally, the library code we write would eventually end up in a library that we could link.

Part three: A different task

It is often useful to convert html documents to more useful formats. Write a generic makefile for such conversion.


#ifndef __ARRAY_UTILS_H__
#define __ARRAY_UTILS_H__

 * Swap the elements in positions i and j of A.
 * Pre: 
 *   0 <= i,j < length of A
 *   A[i] = I
 *   A[j] = J
 * Post
 *   A[i] = J
 *   A[j] = I
 *   For all x, x != i and x != j, A[x] is unchanged.
str_swap (char *A[], int i, int j);

#endif /* __ARRAY_UTILS_H__ */


#include "array-utils.h"


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