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Thinking in C and Unix

Warning! The class site is currently under development. Expect things to change significantly.

Samuel A. Rebelsky
Meeting Times
Thursdays 8:00-8:50
Office Hours
M 10:00-10:50, Tu 1:00-2:50, W 11:00-11:50, Thu 1:00-2:50
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I also tend to follow an open door policy: Feel free to stop by when my door is open to to make an appointment for another time.

About this course

Welcome to the Spring 2017 session of Grinnell College’s CSC 282.01, a one-credit course entitled Thinking in C and Unix. In this course, we will explore the approaches that professionals take when developing software using C in the Unix/Linux environments. But we will also delve more deeply into the underlying ways of thinking that guides this practice.

There will be very little lecture in the class. The focus will be on collaborative exploration of problems and their solutions. Each class, I expect to suggest a problem and an approach and to have the class discuss and experiment with alternatives.