We will use Gradescope for managing course submissions and reporting feedback and grades for this course. You should have already received an invite to our Gradescope site in your Grinnell email box. If not, please let a member of the course staff know, so we can get you set up.

When signing up for Gradescope, please make sure that your password is strong, ideally fulfilling the requirements of Grinnell’s password policies:

Turning In Work

On Gradescope, you will find each deliverable of the course is mapped to a single assignment. This assignment will either require you to upload a file or provide your answers in plaintext directly in Gradescope. Please double check your submission, whether it is code or a text response, to make sure you have indeed provided the correct deliverable In particular, make sure that your submitted code runs without errors!

Gradescope enforces our course deadlines strictly! Please make sure to plan ample time to submit your work before the deadline in case you experience Internet connectivity issues or service downtime. In particular, all deliverables will allow you to submit multiple times up through the deadline, so please make sure to upload copies of your work in advance of the deadline so that you have something submitted well in advance of the final deadline.


Gradescope only allows us to report numeric scores for deliverables, so we map numeric scores to the grades outlined in the syllabus as follows:

S/N Grades

  • S: 1
  • N: 0

EMRI Grades

  • E: 3
  • M: 2
  • R: 1
  • I: 0

You may also see additional fractional numbers from the automated tests. Note that the numeric results of the automated tests are not used in computing scores; they appear only to give you feedback. For complex reasons, the highest numeric score you can receive from the autograder is 0.9999, which represents “correct, but not counted”.

Gradescope only records your grades for individual assignments. Because of this mapping, aggregate data from Gradescope such as averages, etc., do not have any meaning. It is your responsibility to keep a count of the total number of grades you have received for each deliverable kind. I may also send out email to keep you updated.

In addition to scores, you will often receive some feedback from the graders on strengths of your work and/or issues to attend to.

Regrade requests and revisions

Gradescope provides a mechanism for regrade requests if you feel that something has been grading in error. Please use this mechanism exclusively to ask us to check our work if something appears to be mis-graded. A member of the course staff will check and process these requests periodically through the semester.

To submit revisions for excursions for your work, please do not use the regrade request mechanism. Instead submit a new version to the replacement assignment on Gradescope.