EBoard 15: Linear structures

Warning This class is being recorded. At least I think it is.

Approximate overview

  • Administrivia
  • Questions
  • Lab


Introductory notes

  • Back to lab days!

Upcoming Token activities


  • Sarah McHale ‘19 talk at noon in Physics lecture room (Noyce 1023), “How and whether to use programming in Physics.”
  • Convocation Thursday
  • CS Extras Thursday


  • Book talk Thursday W@G
  • Pieta Brown concert Saturday night
  • Jazz band concert Friday night
  • SOL heritage event Friday in location tbd.


  • Football vs Lawrence Saturday at 1 pm
  • Soccer vs Ripon Saturday at 1:30 pm
  • Smash Bros tournament



Upcoming work

  • Friday: More readings. Priority queues.


Can I earn ten tokens in one weekend?

It appears that you can, if your weekend starts on Wednesday.

Please do not follow the UIowa principle of “My weekend starts on Wednesday, so I start drinking on Wednesday.”


Why do we fork and then clone?

So that you have your own copy of the code. You can push your changes and then share them your partner (or yourself on another computer) using the GitHub repo.

Are we paying attention to Sam?

Probably not. That means that there’s a significant possibility that he will make fun of us on the eboard.

What should we call the class for exercise 4?


Where can we find the code Sam is writing?

Reload the lab page.