EBoard 09: Subtype polymorphism

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Approximate overview

  • Administrivia
  • A few notes on MP1
  • Questions
  • Lab


Introductory notes

  • I lost my fight with VSCode yesterday. Lab may be “interesting”. (Hey, it’s a chance to experience: “The code was written to work with a different IDE.” Let’s see how many things go wrong.)
  • Beware! Friday the thirteenth falls on Wednesday this month.

Upcoming Token activities


  • CS Extras, Thursday, 4:15 pm, Science 3821. ???
  • Thursday 14 Sept 2023, 6pm, “Microsoft Campus Visit” (HSSC Kernel/A1231)
  • Sunday, 4-5pm, CS (Un)Commons, Mentor Session


  • Thursday 14 Sept 2023, 8pm, Writers @ Grinnell w/Claire Forrest ‘13




  • Friday 15 Sept 2023, Noon, Whale Room, Lunch with Young Alums in Tech

Upcoming work

  • Thursday: MP2
  • Friday: More readings

About MP1

  • Rubric added (I think).
  • Graders are in progress.
  • I thought I’d go over a few things that tripped people up (or that will trip people up).
  1. File names must match. If I tell you to create a class named CaesarCipher.java, it should be named CaesarCipher.java and not CeasarCipher.java or WickedNeatCipher.java.

  2. Output should match. If I tell you that the output should just be the encrypted word, you should not have extra output.

  3. I care about style. You should match Google Java Style, including two-space indents and appropriate capitalization.

  4. I care about style. You should choose good names for variables and procedures.

  5. If the instructions say to put particular text in a file, you must put that text in the file. (Some of you didn’t include your name or the one-sentence description in the README file.)

  6. To reach M, you need not do extra error checking and such (unless I tell you to). To reach E, you should. E code is robust code.

$ java CaesarCipher encode
Please include the string you wish to encode.
$ java VigenereCipher
You incompetent user!  Do you not know that this program requires
(a) the word encode or decode
(b) a string to encode
(c) a key
You have failed to protect the security of your nation.  You will
now be executed.
  1. Please include a comment on your classes.
 * Encrypt/Decrypt text from the command line using the legendary
 * Caesar Cipher mechanism.
 * @author S Tudent
public class CaesarCipher {
} // class CaesarCipher



When is the rubric being released?

Tonight. Sorry for the delay.

Will I have to be as careful on output for MP2 as I was supposed to be for MP1?

Nope. We didn’t specify output this time.

Do I have to make sure that the input is in the correct form?

No for an M, yes for an E.


VSCode may currently be broken in MathLAN. You may have to use the terminal instead, at least for compilation. I HATE COMPUTERS!

Exercise 1

Try Float.valueOf(f) to convert a float value (primitive type) to a Float value (object).

Exercise 3

For exercise 3a, I want something like

TextBlock block3 = new BoxedBlock(new TextLine("Testing"));
TBUtils.print(pen, block3);

3b: Box a Box

3c: Box something empty. (Do we have something empty?)

It’s 11:15. I have a “Sam said you can stop here” policy.

  • Fill out the lab writeup together.
  • Do the rest on your own (nothing to turn in).