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CSC 207.01 2019S, Class 10: Inheritance


  • Preliminaries
    • Notes and news
    • Upcoming work
    • Extra credit
    • Friday PSA
    • Questions
  • Lab


News / Etc.

  • Quick survey: How long did HW3 take you?
    • 4-6 (0), 7-9 (5), 10-12 (6), 13+ (0)
    • I apologize for a too-long HW.
    • Note I’m switching back to an Osera/Vostinar HW for HW4.
  • Quick survey: Would you be willing to be partnered with someone from the other section?
  • We’ll debrief from today’s lab on Monday.
  • We may try to end class a few minutes early to give time for a guest speaker for 151 to get set up.

Upcoming work

  • Assignment 4 due Thursday night.
    • Partners distributed via email.
  • No reading for Monday!
  • Lab writeup: Exercise 7a )
    • To
    • Subject: CSC 207.01 Writeup for Class 10 (Your names)
    • Please put your code in the body of the message.
  • Quiz Monday: Polymorphism

Extra credit

Extra credit (Academic/Artistic)

  • Any Data Week activity this week. (There’s a lunchtime talk and a late-afternoon seminar.)
  • HackGC weekend of 15-17 February 2019.
  • CS Extras, Thursday, 4:15 p.m. Science 3821: Sam on CSC 321/22. (Snacks at 4pm in the CS Commons.)

Extra credit (Peer)

  • Conference Swim and Dive meet, 16-17 February 2019. Watch your classmate fly!

Extra credit (Wellness)

  • HIIT training, 4:30 pm, Tuesday, Dance Studio, Bear. (Cap of two EC units.)
  • HIIT training, 10:00 am, Saturday, Dance Studio, Bear (Same Cap.)
  • Hatha Yoga, 7:00 pm, Tuesday, Dance Studo, Bear. (Cap of two EC units.)
  • Any sex week activity this week. (If you are not comfortable writing to me about the particulars, feel free to submit a generic EC report.)

Extra credit (Misc)

  • Lunar New Year Celebration, February 17, 6pm, Harris Gym

Other good things

Friday PSA

  • You are awesome. Continue to be so to yourselves and to others.



No GitHub repo! Yay!

  • Sam screwed up on the design of the experiment. Sorry about that. It’s fixed now.
  • Subclasses can access the public, protected, and (sometimes) package fields of their superclasses, but not the private fields.
  • Important discoveries by one group
    • If you get rid of the call to super(start) altogther, Java won’t compile the code.
    • However, if you add a zero-parameter constructor to the superclass, Java implicitly calls that if you don’t write super.
    • If you don’t create any constructors in a class, Java creates a zero-param constructor.
    • If you explicitly create any constructors in a class, Java does not add a zero-param constructor to that class. constructor.
  • Java makes sure that methods exist at compile time, but determines which implementation to use at run time. (Sam will draw a diagram on Monday.)