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Welcome to the Spring 2014 session of Grinnell College's CSC 195.01, a one-credit special topics course entitled Mediascripting. In this course, we will explore some of the technologies that I hope to use in this summer's research on scripting media applications.

I hope that there will be very little lecture in the class. The focus will be on collaborative exploration of problems and their solutions. Each class, I expect to suggest a problem and an approach and to have the class discuss and experiment with alternatives. At times, we will solve problems as a whole class. At other times, you will work in small groups on laboratory problems.

In preparation for most classes, you will do some readings on the Web. At times, I will identify those readings for you. At other times, you will need to find the appropriate readings (or videos, if you prefer).

As a follow up for most classes, I will ask you to do a short assignment that uses the technology we explored in that day's class.

The Web site for the course is You can find all sorts of interesting things on the course web, and I'd encourage you to look there.

This is an experimental course. Among other things, this means that I expect to be updating the syllabus as the semester goes on.


Meets: Thursdays, 8:00-8:50 a.m., Science 3819.

Instructor: Samuel A. Rebelsky, Science 3824. 269-4410 (office). 236-7445 (home). Office hours: M 2:15-3:05, TW 11:00-11:45, F 2:15-3:05. I tend to follow an open door policy: Feel free to stop by when my door is open or to make an appointment for another time.


This course is offered for one credit and is graded as S/D/F. All students who take the course are expected to

  • attend at least twelve of the fourteen class meetings;
  • do all of the assigned readings;
  • spend an appropriate amount of time on each homework assignment; and
  • participate actively in class.

Students who meet these criteria will earn a grade of S. Students who do not will likely earn a lower grade.

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