CSC 195.01 2013S Technologies for Mediascripting

Class 01: Introduction

On to Class 02: Source Code Management Systems.

This outline is also available in PDF.

Held: Thursday, 24 January 2013

Summary: We begin with an overview of the expectations for the course and of how research is conducted in Glimmer labs.

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About this course

Media Scripting research in Glimmer labs

The typical architecture of a Media Scripting application

Scriptable applications form the center of my work. How do we build such applications? We've tried a variety of techniques over the years, and have settled on a technique that seems to be promising. (If all goes well, it will be used for the core Scheme/Gimp interface starting in Fall 2013.)

So, what do you need to do all of this?

Other important practices

Looking ahead

See the schedule.

On to Class 02: Source Code Management Systems.

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