Computer Science Fundamentals (CS153 2004S)

Homework 5: A Rational Calculator

Summary: In this assignment, you will develop a simple calculator which uses rational numbers as its primary data type.

Key Topical Goals: Java basics, Loops, Strings

Assigned: Thursday, 1 April 2004

Due: 10:00 a..m, Friday, 9 April 2004


Before break, we started to design a rational number class. It's time to finish that class and put it to use.

Write a simple calculator that can work with rational numbers. You should write a register-based calculator with three named registers (a, b, and c) and one unnamed primary register. (A register is something in which you store a value.) Your calculator should support the following commands:

For example,

% java RationalCalculator
Command: = 5
Command: P
Command: + 3
Command: * 5
Command: P
Command: S a
Command: = 5
Command: P
Command: / a
Command: P
Command: + 1/3
Command: P
Command: Q



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