Computer Science Fundamentals (CS153 2004S)

Homework 4: Higher-Order Vector Procedures

Summary: In this assignment, you will develop a library of higher-order procedures that use vectors as their primary data type.

Key Topical Goals: Recursion, Documentation, Higher-Order Procedures, Vectors

Assigned: Wednesday, 18 February 2004

Due: 10:00 a..m, Wednesday, 25 February 2004


Most of the higher-order procedures we've considered limit their primary parameters and return values to procedures or lists. However, there are many patterns we have seen for using vectors. It therefore behooves us to write a library of higher-order procedures that operate on vectors (either by applying a procedure directly to the vector or by returning procedures that might be applied to vectors).

Develop a library of vector-based higher-order procedures. Your library should certainly include map! and insert-left!. It is up to you to decide what other procedures should be included.


I will grade your assignment on a number of criteria. The most important criteria are:



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