Redoing mini-projects

As you have heard, the mastery grading approach we use in CSC-151 permits you to redo mini-projects you do not complete at a satisfactory level, sometimes at the cost of some tokens. To ease our graders’ workload, we ask that you submit a file called CHANGES.rkt along with the other files for each redo. In that file, you should include the following (as one or more Racket comments).

  • A header giving the basic information.
  • The previous version you submitted. (E.g., “I was unable to submit the original assignment” or “I submitted the original version but not the first redo.”)
  • A list of all the major issues in that previous version—including those noted within the program code, those listed in the comments section, and the rubric items that were not completed—as well as a summary of how you have addressed them.

Please do not submit the CHANGES.rkt file until you are ready to have the redo graded. For example, if you are only submitting to check autograder results, do not include the changes file.

Here’s a sample CHANGES.rkt file.

#lang racket
Mini-Project 3, Second Redo
River Smith

Prior version: Mini-Project 3, Original
  (I submitted the original, but not the first redo.)

Issues I've addressed

* Unclear documentation for a few procedures.
  I've now added documentation for `tally-images` and `combine-all`.

* Failure to cite laboratory materials.
  I've added a citation to the laboratory materials to the introductory
  comments. I've also separated the materials from each lab and put
  a short comment before the section with those materials.
* `make-image`.
  My `make-image` procedure did not work correctly. I believe that
  I've fixed that issue. It now passes all of the tests, including
  the three-star tests.

* Style
  I think I've fixed all of my stylistic issues. The graders noted
  that I used nested `if` expressions rather than `cond` blocks. I've
  fixed that both where they noted it and also in `combine-all`. I've
  also been careful to reindent with Ctrl-I before submitting.