Compilers (CS362 2002F)

Homework 1: Lexical Analysis

Assigned: Wednesday, September 11, 2002
Due: Wednesday, September 17, 2002

Form of the assignment: This is primarily a written assignment, rather than a programming assignment. I consider it important for you to be able to deal with both the theory and practice of compilers.

Collaboration: You should feel free to discuss the assignment, possible solutions, and possible errors in those solutions with your colleagues. However, each student should turn in his or her own set of solutions to these problems. If you discuss the assignment with others, make sure to cite them at the top of you assignment.


Do problems 3.5, 3.7(b,c,d,f), 3.15, 3.16, 3.17, and 3.22.

For extra credit and extra learning, try other problems you deem interesting and appropriate.

Turning it in

Turn in your answers to me. Your answers may be hand-written and hand-drawn (if your handwriting and drawing are legible) or typeset.

Disclaimer: I usually create these pages on the fly, which means that I rarely proofread them and they may contain bad grammar and incorrect details. It also means that I tend to update them regularly (see the history for more details). Feel free to contact me with any suggestions for changes.

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