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Welcome to the Fall 1997 session of Grinnell College's CSC 302, Programming Language Concepts. My take on this course is that we'll be expanding your knowledge of the programming language paradigms while investigating design issues in programming languages. While we will touch on (and use) a number of languages, most of the emphasis will be on higher-level issues.

In an attempt to provide up-to-date information, and to spare a few trees, I am making this as much of a "paperless" course as I can. You may also want to read the basic instructions for using this course web.

Meets: MWF 11:00 in Science 2435.

Instructor: Samuel A. Rebelsky, Science 2427. Office hours MWF 9:00-10:00.

Grading: Homework: 50%; Exams: 50%

Textbook: Louden, Kenneth (1993). Programming Languages: Principles and Practice Boston, MA: PWS-Kent.


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