Programming Languages (CS302 2007S)

Class Participation

As I suggest in my statement on teaching and learning, I don't think you learn the material as well if you don't participate actively in the class. Hence, a portion of your grade is based on participation. Since you cannot participate if you are not in class, attedance factors strongly in your participation grade.

Students who miss no more than two classes and who regularly answer questions or make comments in class receive 90 for participation. Your participation grade suffers if you miss more than two classes. Missing 3-5 classes results in a 10 point penalty. Missing 6-8 classes results in a 25 point penalty. Missing 9 or more classes results in a 50 point penalty.

Of course, your participation grade is also based on the quality of your work. Students whose answers, comments, and questions are particularly good receive bonus points. Particularly good answers, comments, and questions result in bonus points for participation. Students who regularly give incorrect answers or are unable to answer questions receive a lower grade.

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