Programming Languages (CS302 2007S)


This handout is also available in PDF.

Rather than relying on the traditional large assignments that I've previously given in 151, I'm going to try a series of smaller assignments; assignments that I hope will take you about two or three hours.

When grading homework this semester, I will typically use a plus/check/minus/zero system. Homework that is primarily correct will earn you a check. Errors will earn you a check-minus or a minus. Significant errors may earn you a zero. Failure to turn the assignment in will earn you a zero. Particularly nice work will earn you a check-plus or a plus. At the end of the semester, I will convert the symbols to a letter or numeric grade. If your grades a mostly checks grades you will earn a B. Plus grades on approximately 1/4 of the graded assignments plus checks on remaining assignments will earn you an A. Minus grades on the majority of the assignments will earn you a C. Zero grades will earn you an even lower grade.



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