Programming Languages (CS302 2005S)

Class FAQ

This document attempts to gather a variety of questions that have been asked about the course along with some answers to those questions. Feel free to submit more.

What is the class about?
Programming languages, their design, their paradigms, their history. We will also spend a significant amount of time on Gries-style semantics.
What kinds of homework assignments are we likely to get?
For the design stuff, you'll get questions that ask you to compare designs, to show you understand designs, perhaps even to design something on your own. When we ground design issues in particular new languages, you'll probably get short programming assignments in those languages. For Gries, you'll mostly have proof-style exercises.
Is it going to be hard?
It depends on what you find easy and what you find hard. My experience is about half of the class is somewhat mathematically challenged, so that half will find the math part hard.
What if I'm not very smart?
Then work hard and visit me with questions. I'd recommend that you also form a study group.
Do we have to submit questions for all the readings, or just the Friday (Gries) readings?
All of them.



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