Software Design (CSC-223 97F)

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Java Security

Original version by Tony Stubblebine and Omar Ghaffar. Some slight modifications by Samuel A. Rebelsky.

Security Concerns

Security Features in the Language

Java provides security:

Security Features in the Virtual Machine

Actions controlled by the Security Manager

Untrusted applets are not allowed to:

Hacks and Security Flaws

Run as a trusted applet on the HotJava browser

This vulnerability is present in the Netscape Navigator 2.0 Java implementation and in Release 1.0 of the Java Developer's Kit from Sun Microsystems, Inc. These implementations do not correctly implement the policy that an applet may connect only to the host from which the applet was loaded. Read CERT advisory

Topic: Weaknesses in Java Bytecode Verifier Read CERT Advisory

Extending Java Security


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