Software Design (CS223 2004F)

End-of-Course Survey

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. Your comments will be valuable in helping to improve the course. These forms will not be read until after grades are assigned.



For each of the following, provide a value between 1 (strongly disagree) and 5 (strongly agree). Add comments as appropriate.

1. We should continue to use UML Distilled in the class. [   ]


2. We should replace Exteme Programmin Explained with a book that focuses more on the how of XP. [   ]


3. We should continue to use Riel's Object-Oriented Design Heuristics in the class. [   ]


4. We should continue to use Design Patterns in the class. [   ]


5. Are there any other books you would suggest for the course?



There are two basic project options for CS223: We can assign the same project to each group or we can allow each group to pick its own project. The advantages of assigning a project include: It is easier to choose the right level of project, it is easier to switch people between groups, we can more productively use class time for discussing projects. The advantages of letting groups choose their own project include: A wider variety of interesting projects, students feel more ownership of their projects.

6. Would you prefer that we assign projects (Omondi has suggested a fish tank) or let students choose their own? Why?


7. Any other thoughts on the project?



8. Were the exams at the appropriate level? Did they cover the material you expected them to cover? What changes would you suggest to the exam?



9. What were the strengths of the course?


10. What suggestions would you give for improving the course?

Disclaimer: I usually create these pages on the fly, which means that I rarely proofread them and they may contain bad grammar and incorrect details. It also means that I tend to update them regularly (see the history for more details). Feel free to contact me with any suggestions for changes.

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