Software Design (CSC-223 97F)

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Final Outline

Welcome to the Fall 1997 session of Grinnell College's CSC 223, Algorithms and Software Design. Although the blurb for this course may seem like this is only a course on writing programs, it is much much more. We will study issues in software engineering, human factors in computing systems, safety of software systems, and much, much more. Along the way, we'll learn languages like Java, tools like Make and RCS, and study a variety of existing systems.

In an attempt to provide up-to-date information, and to spare a few trees, I am making this as much of a "paperless" course as I can. You can find all the course materials online at URL (Sorry for the long URL, but I like to stay organized, and you can always just bookmark it.)

In addition to standard materials, I will do my best to make some sort of "blackboard" available (more or less, I'll save what I write in class to a file, and convert that file to HTML). We will discuss the usefulness of this blackboard after a few classes.


[News] [Basics] [Syllabus] [Outlines] [Assignments] [Studies] [Examples] [Readings] [Projects] [API]

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