Software Design (CSC-223 97F)

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Sample Projects

A significant component of this class is a group project, which you will work on in assigned teams of size four. You have a great deal of freedom in what you choose to do, and we'll work together on making sure that you do a reasonable amount (neither too much nor too little). Admittedly, my projects are a little bit web-centric, but that's personal bias. Feel free to do something completely different. To help you get started on your projects, here are a few possibilities.

Note that these projects may seem somewhat more ambitious than those proposed for the last session of 223. This is because I expect you to be able to do more, given the many resources Java gives you for free.

[News] [Basics] [Syllabus] [Outlines] [Assignments] [Studies] [Examples] [Readings] [Projects]

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