Software Design (CSC-223 97F)

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Project Proposal

Summary: You are to propose a project for 223, describing various issues pertinent to the design and implementation of that project.

Citation: This assignment is based on one by John Stone from a previous session of 223.


Write and submit an HTML document describing the project you intend to complete in this class. Note that you will have approximately seven weeks to complete the project, and that each project member should be planning to average at least five hours per week on the project.

You may organize your project proposal as you wish. However, you should make sure to answer all of the following questions in whole or in part.

It is certainly acceptable for you to answer these questions at an appropriate level of abstraction. For example, you don't need to specify all the methods of your classes, nor how you expect to implement them. However, you should not be vague in your answers; we should be able to look back at this document over the coming weeks, and have a clear sense of what you will accomplished and how you will accomplish your goal.

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