Software Design (CSC-223 97F)

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Notes on Assignment Seven: Implementing I/O Routines

Even though I gave you folks a quiz to help ensure that you thought about some of the more complex issues, many of you failed to consider all of those issues. Many of you also ignored problems mentioned in the problem summary.



Coding Practices


There was a wide variation in difficulty of implementation of the other group's classes. Some of you created very similar classes, which made implementation nearly trivial. Others of you found it literaly impossible to implement the other group's class using your own class. I tried to be sympathetic in the later case.


Many of you could have caught errors if you'd done better (any?) testing. I would have particularly liked to have seen testing of your implementations of the other group's classes.

I saw a variety of testing methods. Some of you took Bentley's advice to heart and built interactive test programs. Others of you tried to develop more comprehensive tests. Given Bentley's illustration of the use of loops in testing, I was sorry to see that few of you did such testing.


A few groups put their pages directly on the web, which made access particularly nice and easy. I'd encourage the rest of you to do so for the remainder of your assignments (okay ... for your project).

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