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Assignment Nine: Project Clio, Part One

This is a short assignment that is weighted less than the other assignments. Nonetheless, you will be severely penalized if you do not complete the assignment.

Summary: In our discussion of human factors in computing systems, we began to develop guidelines for a computing system. In this assignment, you will interview one or more potential users to help us refine our guidelines.

Collaboration: You may work in pairs on this project (e.g., have one person do the interview and the other record the results). However, pairs must interview at least two people.


Before noon on Wednesday, talk to at least one potential user of Project Clio about the project and get feedback on how they would use the system and what they think of our design so far. You should present them with a short summary of the project, and ask them what they'd like to see in such a project. Take notes about their responses. When they run out of ideas, pick one or more of the design components or features we've discussed, but that they haven't mentioned, and determine what they think about that particular component. Your interview should not last more than fifteen minutes.

Your particular should be someone who has or intends to create web pages, who has web pages created for him/her, or who manages a system on which web pages reside. It may be someone on the net or someone on campus; it may be a teacher, a student, or another type of person; it may be someone inside or outside of CS; it may even be someone in the class. I would, however, encourage you to seek out a variety of user types.

When you are done, fill in the results on the interview form.

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