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Assignment Seven: Implement I/O Routines

Summary: In a previous assignment, you developed the specifications for a series of classes used for input and output. In this assignment, you will implement those specifications.

Collaboration: You must work with the members of your project group on this assignment. You may also discuss the assignment with other groups, including the members of your paired group.


Implement the input and output classes you specified in a previous assignment. As you begin this assignment or read my notes on solutions, you may discover some problems with your specificiations. If you wish to change your specifications, you must get me the new specifications by 4pm, Thursday, October 9, 1997.

Once you have finished your implementation, use it to implement the input and output classes specified by another group, as described below. It may be necessary to rename the other groups classes, and this is perfectly acceptable.

Finally, develop a number of small examples that illustrate the utility of your classes.

Group Pairings

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