Software Design (CSC-223 97F)

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Assignment Six: Self-Replicating Programs

Summary: This is a simple test to see how well you can stretch the boundaries of Java. I suppose a deranged philosopher might say that your work on this assignment is a test of writing "programs with self knowledge", but that's a stretch.

Citation: This is based on an exercise from Charles Wetherell's Etudes for Programmers (Prentice-Hall 1978).

Collaboration: You must work with your project group, and only with your project group, on this assignment. Each group will turn in one solution.

Note: For this assignment, and for only this assignment, your program need include no documentation or comments.


Either write a nonempty Java program that prints an exact duplicate of its source code or prove that no such program can exist. Your program should not read any input, nor should it rely on any system "tricks". It is likely that this will be a relatively short program.

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