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Assignment Four: Code Reading and Reuse

Summary: As you continue on your careers as computer scientists, you will often have to reuse, refer to, or comment on the work of others. In this assignment, you will get to use and evaluate the work of your classmates.

Note: Make sure to read the whole assignment before beginning it. In particular, you will need to document the time you spend on the initial parts, so you should make sure to record them.

Collaboration: Each student must turn in their own solution to this assignment. While you may ask other students for help on decoding or evaluting other assignments, you may not receive any help from the person whose work you are using or evaluating (or from their coauthors).


You have been assigned another student's code to use and evalute. Using only the javadoc documentation for their classes as a reference (that is, no peaking at their code), write a racquetball simulator. Your implementation should not use their main() routine, although you may use that class if it provides other methods.

Write a short (one-three paragraph) summary detailing your experiences using the other person's code. Indicate how long it took you to write the racquetball simulator.


Write a moderate-sized (length is up to you) evaluation of the code that student turned in for the previous assignment. You may want to use my notes on the previous assignment for some issues to consider. Your evaluation should comment on the following:

Note that you do not have to assign a grade.


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