Fundamentals of Computer Science II (CSC-152 97F)

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We'll be using two books in this course, Java Structures and Java in a Nutshell. The first is our real textbook. It covers issues in the design and analysis of data structures and algorithms, which is the focus of the course. Although the book won't be published until November, the publisher has agreed to let us work with a preprint (which makes it cheaper for you). The second book is a reference manual for Java, which we're using because the text does not provide information on Java.

Bailey, Duane (1997). Java Structures: Data Structures in Java for the Principled Programmer. McGraw-Hill.

Flanagan, David (1997). Java in a Nutshell, Second Edition. O'Reilly and Associates, Cambridge, MA.

[News] [Basics] [Syllabus] [Outlines] [Assignments] [Examples] [Readings] [Bailey Docs]

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