Fund. CS II (CS152 2004F)

Project parts due week 10: Continue Implementations

Due: 8:00 p.m., Monday, 8 November 2004

Please do your work with your group.


Think about the steps that will have to happen when the user "logs in" and what objects need to know about other objects. (Think about the series of method calls, similar to those we went over in class.)

List the basic verbs you would like our system to support.

List synonyms for those verbs.

Rewrite any appropriate methods to use rebelsky.mug.Action rather than a series of strings.

Network Group

During our discussion, we identified a number of issues that you will need to handle:

Solve at least two of these problems and be prepared to demonstrate and discuss your solution.

World Model Group

Do at least two of the following three tasks:

a. Finish the implementation of Place.

b. Finish the implementation of Thing.

c. "Implement" the combat system.

UI Group

a. Finish, as best you can, the user interface for players. (As best I can tell, you should read input, convert it to an action, send that action to the world, wait for a response and print it out. You should also provide a printMessage method.) You need not implement that user validation (yet).

b. Plan the user interface for world builders. What methods will you need World to provide to allow you to build or extend the world?

Person/AI Group

a. List five different "kinds" of AI people you might create. For example, an AnnoyingObserver might make a comment on every action that it sees (except, we hope, its own). For example: "I wonder why Sam picked up the tape." "I don't care that Sam shouted 'Fire'." A Maniac might attack anyone nearby. A PackRat might pick up everything in sight, wander off, and then drop everything.

b. Implement at least one of these kinds of people. (Your implementation need not be complete, but it should be prepared to do stuff whenever an action happens.)

c. The AI characters will probably need to act, even when there are no people in the room or nothing is happening. What method should the World send those characters and how often?

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