Fund. CS II (CS152 2004F)

Project parts due week 9: Begin Implementations

Due: Tuesday, 2 November 2004

Please do your work with your group.

World Model Group

a. Build interfaces for World, Place, Thing, and any other key element of our program.

b. Implement stub classes for all of your interfaces. A stub class is not fully implemented, but returns something for each method.

c. Determine how someone might enter information on the world into our system. For example, can we represent rooms and their contents as text files? If so, what do those files look like?

d. Create four basic kinds of things (e.g., Book, FoamSword, ...).

Network Group

Create a pair of programs (client and server) that lets someone type something one one machine and see it on another. (If you cannot complete this part of the project by the due date, I will certainly understand.)

UI Group

a. Describe, as precisely as you can, what valid user input should look like. (For example, many systems use a verb/object metaphor, such as "grab book" or "say 'Run away!'" or "Smash Sam".)

b. Write something that reads the user's input and parses it (figures out what they mean). You should accept reasonable synonyms and print error messages if you can't figure out what the mean.

Person/AI Group

a. Decide on the key characteristics of people.

b. Build a Person interface.

c. Implement a simple StubPerson that responds to all messages. (Stubs respond with predefined values.)

d. Implement a simple CrazyPerson that randomly decides what to do (among the legal options of what to do).

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