Fundamentals of Computer Science II (CSC-152 2000F)

Introductory Survey

As I start each class, I like to learn a little bit about my students and their expectations for the course so that I can both know and teach them better. This questionnaire gives you a chance to tell me something about yourself.

Because paper questionnaires can restrict or otherwise affect your answers, I prefer to do these surveys electronically. To submit it electronically, fill out the form and click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. If you'd prefer to take the survey ``by hand'', simply turn in your written answers to me in class.

I'll admit that my surveys include somewhat strange, casual, or ``fluffy'' questions. I find such questions useful, as they give me a better sense of who you are and how you react to things. I can also use them to stimulate discussion.

For those who care, I've made my answers to the survey available online (which also gives you a chance to see the form your answers appear in when I read them). You will also be able to find my responses to your questions in a separate document.



If you do not yet have a major, do you plan to be a CS major? (Don't worry, your answer will not affect how I treat you, except that I may encourage particularly good students who are not planning to become CS majors to become majors.)

Where are you from?

What courses are you taking this term? Please include meeting times. I prefer course names to course abbreviations.

What other CS courses (or related courses) have you taken?

What, if any, computer languages do you know?

Why are you taking this course?

What do you expect to learn or gain from this course?

What are your biggest concerns for this course?

I know that it's a little bit early to ask, but do you plan to continue taking courses in CS after you complete CS152? Why or why not?

What is your favorite or most productive time to study?

What do you like most about Grinnell?

What do you like least about Grinnell (or what do you dislike most about Grinnell)?

What is the best course you have taken at Grinnell so far? Who taught that course? What made it good (Since I'm still relatively new, I'd like to know who I might try to learn from.)

Most surveys like this ask you to list your five favorite books, movies, TV shows, CDs, chia animals, buildings on campus, professors, or whatever. I'll give you a littl emore freedom. Pick a class of objects (it can be one that I listed, it can be one that I didn't list), and list your five favorite objects in that class.

Tell me a little more about yourself. You might describe hobbies, interests, goals, whatever.

What other questions should I have asked on this form? (You don't have to come up with any; I just like to find ways to improve my introductory questionnaire.)

Since I'm asking you all of these questions, it's only fair that you get to ask me some questions. What, if anything, would you like to know about me?

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