Fundamentals of Computer Science 1 (CS151 2003S)


Objects in Scheme

Records in Scheme

Merge Sort



Timing Expression Evaluation

Tail Recursion

Variable-Arity Procedures

Files in Scheme

Input in Scheme
Output in Scheme

Scripting the Gimp with Script-Fu

More Higher-Order Procedures

Higher-Order Procedures


Association Lists

Randomness and Simulation


Local Procedure Bindings and Recursion

Local Bindings with let

Preconditions and Postconditions

Recursion with Natural Numbers

Repetition with Recursion

CGI Scripting in Scheme

Characters in Scheme
Strings in Scheme

Boolean Values and Predicates

Conditionals in Scheme

Procedure Definitions in Scheme

Numbers in Scheme

Symbols in Scheme
Lists in Scheme

Beginning Scheme

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Since this document is primarily a list of dated readings, I will not update the history for simple additions to this list.

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