Fundamentals of Computer Science 1 (CS151 2003S)

Getting Started with the GNU Image Manipulation Program

Summary: In this lab, you will experiment with the Gimp, the GNU Image Manipulation program. You will also think about how you might give instructions to someone else to draw pictures using the Gimp.


Exercise 0: Preparation

a. Start the Gimp by opening a temrinal window and typing gimp. It will probably ask you whether it can install some files. Allow it to do so.

b. Play for awhile with the various tools. Feel free to share ideas and questions with neighbors.

Exercise 1: A Simple Drawing

Draw a smiley face using whatever tools you deem most appropriate.

Exercise 2: Drawing Instructions

Sketch, in English, instructions for replicating the drawing you just made. (No, I won't do my normal clueless computer imitation.)

Exercise 3: A Course Logo

Start with the word CS151 and make an interesting logo. You might add colors, shadow, more.

Exercise 4: Logo Instructions

Sketch, in English, instructions you might give someone else to create a log like that.

Exercise 5: Generalized Logo Instructions

Generalize your instructions from the previous step so that they could be used with any word.



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