Fundamentals of Computer Science 1 (CS151 2003S)

Notes on Homework 2: Mad Libs


Evaluation Criteria

A grade of B on this assignment represents something that works correctly, generates and uses correct HTML, and meets the other basic requirements of the assignment.

Lower grades are often due to error messages, incorrect HTML, and similar problems. If the incorrect HTML seems to be my fault (e.g., my libraries aren't working correctly), I won't penalize you.

Higher grades are often due to particular creativity, some nice coding, or other stuff like that. What kinds of nice coding did I look for? For one thing, I looked for assignments that worked correctly, even if someone didn't enter values on the form. (I would have accepted default values on the form, but many of you found that to be inelegant.)


Mike Claveria and Ben Wallenberg

Andy Cook and Brett McMillian

Povilas Dapkevicius and David Wylie

Sarah Fullmer

Jennifer Karam

Nathalie Lauze

Alex Leach and Yvonne Palm

Dan Nemchonok and Amanda Perry

Kirsten Plowman

Richard West


I've emailed you your grades on this assignment.



Monday, 17 February 2003 [Samuel A. Rebelsky]

Sunday, 2 March 2003 [Samuel A. Rebelsky]


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