Fundamentals of Computer Science I (CS151 2003F)

Homework 2: A Landlubber-to-Pirate Translator

Assigned: Friday, 19 September 2003
Due: Thursday, 25 September 2003
No extensions!

Summary: In this assignment, you will build a small program that translates from landlubber to pirate.

Purposes: To give you more experience in writing useful Scheme. To give you more experience with strings in Scheme. To expose you to more imporant Scheme procedures.

Collaboration: You should works in groups of two or three. You may alone. You may not work in groups of four. You may discuss the assignment with anyone you wish. You may obtain help from anyone you wish, but you should clearly document that help (perhaps with an extra citations page).

Submitting: Email me your Scheme code.

Warning: So that this exercise is a learning assignment for everyone, I may spend class time publicly critiquing your work.


Complete your work from the Pirate lab. In particular, you should write a procedure named piratize that converts phrase (represented as a string) from landlubber to pirate.


If you meet these basic requirements and have no errors, you will earn a B on the assignment. To earn a higher grade, you must do something particularly clever.



Thursday, 18 September 2003 [Samuel A. Rebelsky]

Sunday, 21 September 2003 [Samuel A. Rebelsky]


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