Fundamentals of Computer Science I (CS151 2003F)

Homework 1: An Argumentative Web Site

Assigned: Thursday, 4 September 2003
Due: Tuesday, 9 September 2003
No extensions!

Summary: In this assignment, you will build a small Web site that argues some point of interest.

Purposes: To give you more experience in writing useful HTML. To give you incentive to explore more deeply the rhetoric of hypertext.

Collaboration: You should works in groups of two or three. You may not work alone. You may not work in groups of four. You may discuss your site and the assignment with anyone you wish. You may obtain help from anyone you wish, but you should clearly document that help (perhaps with an extra citations page).

Submitting: Email me the URL of your Web site. More details below.

Warning: So that this exercise is a learning assignment for everyone, I may spend class time publicly critiquing your work.


Create a Web site (a collection of your own pages) with at least eight pages (including a Home Page or Front Door for the site but not including the citations/acknowledgements pages for the site) which attempts to convince someone of some point (e.g., that Grinnell should not charge tuition). Each page should contain a paragraph or two of text.

As part of this assignment, you should consider how putting your information in a Web site is different than putting your information in a paper. How do you structure information differently? Similarly? In particular, in a standard essay, a reader must start at the beginning and follow through to the end. In a hypertext essay, you can permit the reader to select the rhetorical connection that she most desires to see (e.g., elaboration, generalization, evidence, explanation of underlying warrant).

Checking Your Work

All of your pages should be correct HTML (which you can check at

All of your writing should be grammatically correct.

All of your pages should be generally accessible, which you can check by trying to access them from someone else's account in MathLAN and also somewhere else on campus.

Any ideas you take from elsewhere should be properly cited. Any help you receive from someone else should be properly cited. (A link to the appropriate place on a citations or acknowledgements page is one nice way to do such citations.)

Important Evaluation Criteria

I will look for a number of things in your Web site:

I will probably give extra credit for particularly fun, useful, or interesting sites.

Submitting Your Homework

Email me the URL of your site's Front Door. Each group of two or three should send me one URL. I am likely to include links to your site somewhere in the course web, so people everywhere may eventually find it. (We can also see how long it takes to get indexed by search engines.)



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