Fundamentals of CS I (CS151 2002F)

Notes on Homework 1

Summary: This document describes my grading process and criteria for homework one.


Process: Particularly for open-ended assignments like this one, I tend to use a somewhat free-form grading technique. I step through the site, making notes as to strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, I reflect on my overall goals for the assignment, which helps me identify the strengths and weaknesses.

Key Criteria: I had three key criteria for evaluating this assignment. First, because this was an exercise in working with a formal language, I wanted to make sure that your pages were correct HTML. I generally used the W3 validator for this purpose. Second, because I asked you to reflect on how hypertext is different than traditional linear writing, I looked for well-designed link structures. Finally, since citation is key to academic endeavors, I looked for correct and appropriate citations.

Other Observations: I know that the Web lets you incorporate images from other sites (and I even taught you how to do it). but it is now considered bad form to use someone else's images without their permission.

Evaluations: See the separate evaluation page.



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Disclaimer: I usually create these pages on the fly, which means that I rarely proofread them and they may contain bad grammar and incorrect details. It also means that I tend to update them regularly (see the history for more details). Feel free to contact me with any suggestions for changes.

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