Fundamentals of Computer Science I (CSC-151.02 2000F)

Class 03: HTML: A Formal Markup Language

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Held Tuesday, August 29, 2000


Today we begind to ground our understanding of dealing with the computer with hands-on practice. In particular, we'll look at some of the procedures necessary for building documents for the World Wide Web.



A Brief Introduction to HTML

We won't cover this section explicitly, but it gives you some things to think about.

Representing Computerized Documents

Logical vs. Physical Markup

HTML Basics



Are there questions on the lab?


Do the HTML lab. Raise your question if you have a hand. If you don't finish it all today, try to work on it tonight (or later).

Complete understanding of this lab is not required to progress to the next lab.


What have you learned today?


Thursday, 24 August 2000

Tuesday, 29 August 2000

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