Fundamentals of Computer Science I (CSC-151.02 2000F)

Lab: Records


Exercise 0: Preparation

a. Please scan through the reading on records.

b. Make a copy of

c. Scan through that file to make sure that you understand all the procedures.

Exercise 1: Testing Compounds

a. Try the compoound examples given in the reading on records to see if they behave as I said they would.

b. Try a few of your own variations.

c. Explain why the attempted fake is not listed as a compound.

Exercise 2: Filtering Compounds

Define a procedure filter-by-color that takes two arguments -- a list ls of records of type compound and a color symbol -- and returns a list of the names of compounds of that color that are elements of ls.

Exercise 3: Falsifying Compounds

a. Find a way to set the melting point of a compound to an illegal temperature.

b. Find a way to make a vector that compound? identifies as a compound. You may not use make-compound or compound-copy to build your new vector. However, you may use either procedure to create a ``helper'' compound.

Exercise 4: A Shirt Record

Write a set of definitions for a record type shirt, to be used in a program that keeps track of the inventory of a clothing store. Provide fields for catalog number, intended gender of wearer, size, color, price, and quantity in stock. Only the last two fields should be mutable.

Exercise 5: Sorting Shirts

Define a procedure that sorts a vector of records of type shirt into ascending order by catalog number.

Exercise 6: Searching Shirts

Adapt the binary search procedure so that it takes two arguments -- a vector vec of records of type shirt, sorted by the procedure defined in the previous exercise, and a catalog number catno -- and returns the entire record that contains that catalog number, if there is one in vec, or #f if there is no such record.



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